Words With Friends

“Jacob is the ideal creative professional, nailing both sides of the equation.  He is a visionary creative with complete ideas, a fine sense for the details, and an impressive flexibility within the give-and-take of a team.  He is the consummate professional: never misses a deadline, clearly communicates his timelines, and takes the time to absorb every detail of a project.  As a teammate, Jacob excels at brainstorming, giving feedback, and responding to constructive criticism.  I unconditionally recommend him as a colleague because this man flat out gets it done.”
-Joseph Chard, Digital Product Manager, Warner Brothers Entertainment

“Jacob came on board to support our grassroots marketing efforts for a documentary film airing on PBS. I was instantly impressed by how he jumped right in with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism. Not only did he seamlessly navigate the complex dynamics of film distribution and outreach, but he also went above and beyond our expectations with his creative ideas and rock-solid writing skills. His integrity and strong work ethic would be an asset to any organization.”
-Shaady Salehi, Executive Director, Active Voice Media

“Jacob has worked for me and my production company in a wide range of capacities focused mainly on a documentary film, Archiculture. He started on the project on a pro bono basis by editing our proposals, through to our website and finally on various grant applications. His ability to follow a project and get to the core goals and strengths pushed our film to the top and resulted in us landing one of the key national grants in Architecture, the 2010 Arnold W. Brunner Grant. He brought an extremely professional and orderly approach to the writing and editing process which helped guide us through many fast paced and high pressure deadlines. His writing skills ensured that the film was succinctly and dramatically conveyed to a broad audience ranging from the general public visiting our website, to potential investors, to the review boards of national grants. He was an invaluable member in our project’s success and I give him the highest recommendation.”
-Ian Harris, Co-Owner, Arbuckle Industries

“I’ve worked with Jacob on several pieces and look forward to having the opportunity to work with him again.  At times during the writing process Jacob was more trusted advisor than editor. Sure, he knows where to remove a comma or insert a preposition but he is also able to add thoughtful and meaningful input while wholly preserving the author’s voice. Sharing your words with another person can be scary, it’s a very personal thing, yet Jacob alleviates the stress with his professionalism and competency.”
-Meredith Amann, contributing writer, Her Cincinnati and A-Line Magazine